General Assembly 2020

Dear Members,

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the WSA Board has decided to cancel the 2020 WSA General Assembly.

There are currently no important decisions pending. However, proposals and membership applications can be submitted in writing before 1 September 2020. The Board will discuss these and respond with preliminary decisions. Any proposals dealt with in this way will be discussed in full at the 2021 General Assembly. This process will also be followed for applications to host one of our championships.

With regard to the 2020 WSA Dryland World Championship, our French member FFST has applied to host the Championship in Lamotte-Beuvron in France from the 13-15 November 2020. Whether it will be possible to stage the event in 2020 will very much be guided by science and how the pandemic develops across Europe in the coming months. Everyone’s health has to come first! However, for now we are working on staging the Championship and we will keep you informed as more information becomes available.

We wish you and your loved ones a good summer - take care and stay safe!

The WSA Board

WSA Long Distance World Championship 2020

Särna, Sweden 2 - 7 March 2020

Cancelled! WSA Championship Snow 2020

Dear members,
Based on the current weather conditions the World Sleddog Association (WSA) as host and the community of Zuberec and the sled dog sport club Flying Husky as organizers had do make the difficult decision to cancel the WSA World Championships Sprint and Mid-Distance 2020, which were due to take place in Zuberec from 6- 9 February 2020.

WSA Dryland Championship 2019

We are delighted to announce that our British member AMWA is hosting the WSA Dryland World Championship 2019. The World Championship will take place on 16 - 17th November at the Firle Estate on the south coast of England.
More information will follow in the coming weeks.

Exploratory talks about a closer collaboration between WSA and IFSS

Recently, a delegation of WSA (World Sleddog Association) and IFSS (International Federation of Sleddogsports) representatives met in Stockholm to explore the possibility of a closer collaboration between the two leading sled dog sport organisations.

The initial talks quickly showed that both organisations have many shared goals and face similar challenges, It was therefore decided to continue the conversation with a view to present the members of both organisations with a proposal of what a collaboration could look like at their General Assemblies in September 2019 (WSA) and June 2020 (IFSS) respectively.

May 20th, 2019
Arno Steichler, WSA Chairman 
Helen Lundberg, IFSS President

WSA General Assembly 2019

Dear Members,

We are happy to confirm that the WSA GA will take place on the 7th September in Hotel Prinz Carl in Buchen, Germany. There are currently 19 rooms available at the hotel, which the WSA has blocked until the end of April. So, if you need accommodation please contact Hotel Prinz Carl as soon as possible and mention that you will be attending the WSA GA. Alternatively, there are also rooms available in Hotel Reichsadler and Hotel Am Ringpark.

On the 6th and 7th September, the Buchener Schützenmarkt, one of the largest folk festivals in the region, will take place approx 150m from Hotel Prinz Carl. As nearer the time many visitors of the fair will also be looking to book rooms, it’s advisable to organise your accommodation early. For those who would like to join us, we are planning on visiting the fair on Saturday night.

The formal invitation and the agenda will be circulated nearer the time.

Kind regards, The WSA Board

The World Sleddog Association mourns Andreas Kraft

Suddenly and totally unexpectedly Andreas Kraft from Germany passed away where he was most comfortable - near his partner Daniela Bigalke, his 2- and 4-legged friends. Only a small consolation for this big loss.
As a former World Champion and winner of many other top ranks, Andreas was one of the most successful middle distance athletes in our history. His distinctive character also made him a very special person and personal friend.
Dani and daughter Lina, with a big hug we want to be connected with you!
RIP Andreas.
On behalf of the WSA,
Arno Steichler, Chairman

WSA Championship Snow 2019

Here you can find the Results for the 2019 WSA World Championship Snow in Haidmühle/Germany
(21-24 Feb 2019).

WSA Dryland Championship 2018

Here you can find the Results for the 2018 WSA Dryland World Championship in Samorin/Slovakia
(17-18 Nov 2018).

WSA General Assembly 2018 Key Decisions

  • All new membership applications and single membership applications were accepted
  • Irene Valenkamp was confirmed as Director Public Relations
  • Going forward all WSA Championships will be conducted as World Championships
  • The WSA Statutes will be overhauled in time for the next General Assembly
  • The 2018 WSA Dryland World Championships will take place in Samorin/ Slovakia on the 17th and 18th November 2018
  • DThe 2019 WSA on-snow World Championships Sprint & Middle Distance will take place in Germany from 21st – 25th February 2019
  • The 2020 WSA on-snow World Championships Sprint & Middle Distance will take place in Austria
  • The 2021 WSA on-snow World Championships Sprint & Middle Distance will take place in Sweden

The minutes of the General Assembly will be published in due course.


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