• WSA World Championship Snow 2019
    Haidmühle, Germany 21./24.02.2019
  • WSA World Dryland Championship 2018
    Šamorín, Slovakia 17./18.11.2018
  • European Championships SNOW
    Inzell - Germany 02.- 05.02.2017

The General Assembly


Report by Arno Steichler:


After welcoming the members, Arno Steichler shows the milestones of the last season:

For the first time, 3 events in one season (Lauf (Dryland), Inzell (Sprint & MD) and Särna (Long distance)

30 member countries in the ESC (an increase from 13 to 30 members in 6 years)

All board members were encouraged to create guidelines for their jobs. These will be published as soon as possible (expected mid-July)

MPM has produced a DVD with 55 minutes from the race in Inzell, which can soon be procured from the Webshop (price 19.99 €)


The following amendments and resolutions have been made: Instead of Irene Valenkamp Mary Carter is now comptroller. The new team consists as of today of the tandem Mary Carter / Elena Shepeleva. Thanks to Mary for taking over the post as comptroller.

Two new members were confirmed by the members: Finland and Romania. Welcome to the WSA!


Three new countries were also welcomed with individual members:


Denmark (Anders Larsen, Karen Kolbeck, Zoran Dimovski)

Hungary (Sopie Verla)

South Africa (Jean-Piere Joseph Bussio)


Currently, there is a trend in that several individuals are registered with the WSA as an individual member of their country.

In the case of Finland, this trend bore fruit, so, that the reported individuals founded a club and joined the WSA as a new member of Finland. The WSA will also support this trend with all other individual members.


WC / EC:

Since the WSA works seasonally, the decision was taken that all the races should have the same title/character in the same season season. I.e. that in the season 2017/18 only world championships will take place in Dryland (Italy), Sprint / MD (Sweden) and Longdistanz (Sweden).

2018/19 will be the year of the European Championship, and so forth.

In order to take this development into account, the position of a Dir. Longdistance was created, to which position Karina Andreasen (Director Polardistanz) was elected by the members. Karina is elected for two years, in order that as usual, the cycle of three years for election of the WSA Board for all positions can be maintained. The post of Dir. Pulka was scratched and integrated to the three directors Spint / MD and LD. Teunis Bos, who was responsible for this division until now, is appopinted to the Public Relations department. Furthermore, the divisions distance and off-snow have been adjusted. As a result, in the statutes, the title of Dir. Distance has now been changed into Dir. MD and of Dir. Off-Snow into Dir. Dryland.

Another change concerns the chiplists. From this season on, there will be a new chiplist which will soon be available as an Excel file for download. More information will be available after completion of the list. Another important point mentioned by Dr. Karsten Hesse concerns medication . If you need to administere a drug to the dog, a special form is available on the WSA website, (in the anti-doping download area), and has to be completed 4 weeks before the start and sent to Karsten Hesse. The person in question will immediately receive information from Dr. Hesse. This saves the person unnecessary costs for travel and starting fees in case a start is not possible.


Applications 8.1.1 and 8.1.3 were rejected by majority.

Application 8.1.2 withdrawn by Holland.

Application 8.2 from Great Britain was also declined by a majority vote.

Arno Steichler proposed to reject the proposal until a response from the FCI will be received. In case of a positive respoinse, the Eskimo Dogs are automatically included.

During this waiting period of the FCI, one may possibly create individual rules for a race.

Application 8.3.1 Slovakia The alternative proposal of Arno Steichler - a class 2 dogs - skijöring in both men and women category can start as a test for a year until the next GM. The decision is tablked until then. This proposal was adopted by majority.

8.3.1 Slovakia proposal was rejected.

Proposal 8.4.2 Italy - was adopted


Application 9 - has to be revised again, for the Polardistance race a separate set of rules will be created.


The racing rules for Longdistanz are currently under review.


Proposal 8.4.2 Italy - was accepted

Proposal 9 - has to be revised again, for the Polardistans own rules are created.

The race rules for Longdistanz are currently under construction.


The starting fee was discussed again - for e.g. 10 starters you have to pay 10 x 15, - €. The registration fee is not refundable if there are less competitors participating in the race than in itially declared

Niklas Andersson presented the latest developments for the Sprint / MD World Championship. Thanks to Niklas for his presence and presenation.

Arno Steichler has talked with Fabrizio as well as Niklas - concerning the points under discussion, a solution will be found and the contracts can be signed in the next weeks.



Pictures GV: