• WSA World Dryland Championship 2018
    Šamorín, Slovakia 17./18.11.2018
  • European Championships SNOW
    Inzell - Germany 02.- 05.02.2017
  • European Dryland Championships
    Lauf - Germany 11.- 13.11.2016
  • 20th Anniversary World Sleddog Association
    1995 - 2015
  • World Championships Sprint/MD
    Scharnitz - Austria 2015
    Särna - Sweden 07.- 10.03.2017

Inzell, venue of the WSA European Championships Snow 2017 showed itself at its best last weekend. The crowds of visitors on the race days, especially on Sunday, show how well the preparation of all participants was.

But from the beginning. On Wednesday the first teams arrived at the race location, the campsite Lindlbauer felt very slow. But not only with starters, but also with campers who were especially fortunate to this event and had an excellent view of the start-up terrain and part of the trail on the elevated plateau. The team around the junior chef of the campsite was tireless all day with two tractors to bring the arriving to your places.
Thank you for your commitment to the event.

But also during the race you were in action, this time in other functions. Often up to the late evening hours where you were in the visitor area to find this for the next day to prepare again best.

The organizing team around Robert Öttl has done great work in preparation, everything was prepared and planned exactly. Robsi himself was always in the service and always a congenial contact, no matter what it was. Thanks Robsi for this great event. We also want to forget the countless helpers who somewhere in the nowhere buzzed around to do important work like the route, security or kitchen. The greatest thanks to all of you, you have done a great job. Not to mention the fact that there were volunteers who made it out of love for the sport.

The weather had a lot for the event, from plus degrees over rain, snowfall to bright sunshine. This meant that the Racemarshall Arno Steichler was also the man of the hour because some decisions had to be made regarding the length of the course. Thus some stretches were shortened and others were moved.

At the middle distance the weather had also made a dash for us - a part of the route suddenly without snow, so no longer passable. The organizers drove to this part and shoveled a new trail through the forest. A huge effort, especially since you did not work with a vehicle but actually with shovels.

Also here, thank you for your tireless action in the middle of the night.

The European championship itself started on Thursday with the prologue of the Mittel distanz Musher and your teams from 16:00. On Fridays starting at 8:30, the first of three sprints of the sprint teams followed by the distance teams. After the first categories, the routes had to be shortened. The median distance was shifted one hour backwards, where there were cooler temperatures.

Saturday evening, the musher evening in the large ballroom of Inzell followed by honoring the winners MD. Also here, everything was organized. After the meal, the winner ceremony in the middle distance, which already had their three race days behind them. For the first time in the Nations Cup, two winners - the winners of the last National Cup Snow France and Russia.

The French who had the Mauro Caputto Nations Cup by the failure of the World Cup in Frauenwald now two years in their ranks handed over the handmade plate to the Russians so that they could set it up in Russia. A truly sporting gesture by the French team to the Russians. So it should be - thanks to Team France.

The last race day had it again. Thousands of spectators and great weather - around midday temperatures that remind of a summer day. Therefore, the 2-dog teams drove only "Just for Fun" for the spectators and no longer for medals. The spectators watched the musher again on the trail with a magnificent backdrop - in the pictures one can see that it was also fun for the mushers to stand on the sled without pressure of a race.

Conclusion: A great European Championship in a magnificent panorama, organized by the SCW and the campsite. Thanks again to Robert Öttl and his team, to the crew around Familie Egger (camping Lindlbauer) the countless local helpers, to MPM for the excellent press work and to the spectators who attended this event.

World Sleddog Association