• WSA World Dryland Championship 2018
    Šamorín, Slovakia 17./18.11.2018
  • European Championships SNOW
    Inzell - Germany 02.- 05.02.2017
  • European Dryland Championships
    Lauf - Germany 11.- 13.11.2016
  • 20th Anniversary World Sleddog Association
    1995 - 2015
  • World Championships Sprint/MD
    Scharnitz - Austria 2015
    Särna - Sweden 07.- 10.03.2017

Dear Members, dear Mushers,

We have just opened registrations (https://racedata.wsa-sleddog.com/) for the 2018 WSA Dryland World Championship in Samorin/Slovakia (17-18 Nov 2018).


  • Stake out opens: 15th November @ 12:00 hrs
  • Vet check: 15th & 16th November – exact times to be confirmed
  • Team leader meeting: 16th November @ 15:00 hrs
  • Opening ceremony: 16th November @ 18:30 hrs
  • Team leader meeting: 17th November @ 8:30 hrs
  • First start first heat: 17th November @ 9:30 hrs
  • Mushers' dinner: 17th November @ 18:30 hrs
  • Team leader meeting: 18th November @ 8:30 hrs
  • First start second heat: 18th November @ 9:30 hrs
  • Price giving ceremony: 18th November @ 17:30 hrs

Race Marshall: Arno Steichler

First start: €100 (this includes 1 voucher for the mushers’ dinner; additional vouchers for the mushers’ dinner can be bought)
Second start: €50
Juniors: Free
Late payment fees for entries/payments received after the first payment deadline: €20 (applies also to Juniors)

26 Oct: Final date for Members to request starting places & pay fee to secure starting places
4 Nov: First payment deadline starting fee
11 Nov: Second (final) payment deadline

DR8-1 / DR8-2
DR6-1 / DR6-2
DR4-1 / DR4-2
DS2-1 / DS2-2 (including Juniors)
DSM1 / DSW1 (including Juniors/ Veterans)
DCM / DCW (including Juniors/ Veterans)
DBM / DBW (including Juniors/ Veterans)

Changes to classes entered can be made by the team leader up until the first team leader meeting on Friday (16 Nov @ 15:00hrs).

WSA member associations have to request the number of starting places they require no later than 26th October by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mushers have to register on https://racedata.wsa-sleddog.com/

All competitors have to be confirmed by our national members.

Chip lists and speaker info will be collected during the vet check

For further information including trail maps:

WSA bank account (NEW!):
World Sleddog Association, Volksbank Franken, D-74722 Buchen 
IBAN: DE03674614240012043503; BIC: GENODE61BUC

Preparations for the Championship are well underway and we are looking forward to seeing many of you in Samorin.

The WSA Board


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  • All new membership applications and single membership applications were accepted
  • Irene Valenkamp was confirmed as Director Public Relations
  • Going forward all WSA Championships will be conducted as World Championships
  • The WSA Statutes will be overhauled in time for the next General Assembly
  • The 2018 WSA Dryland World Championships will take place in Samorin/ Slovakia on the 17th and 18th November 2018
  • The 2019 WSA on-snow World Championships Sprint & Middle Distance will take place in Germany from 21st – 25th February 2019
  • The 2020 WSA on-snow World Championships Sprint & Middle Distance will take place in Austria
  • The 2021 WSA on-snow World Championships Sprint & Middle Distance will take place in Sweden
The minutes of the General Assembly will be published in due course.

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WSA General Assembly
16th of June 2018, 10.00 am
Mudau-Reisenbach/ Guest house "Zum Grund"  
Im Grund 3/Germany

Topic 1  
WSA Chairman to welcome members and guests - report of previous year followed by reports of other Board Members
Topic 2
Acceptance of invitation and agenda as per WSA statutes

Topic 3
  • Count of delegates and votes
  • Attendance list
Topic 4
Report of the Treasurer and the Financial Auditors - discharge of Board

Topic 5
New Members and Single Memberships

Topic 6
Dryland-Championships 2018 and Championship winter 2019
Topic 7
Presentation of new statutes to discuss.

Topic 8
Applications to host WSA Championships 2020 dryland and winter

Topic 9 
Any Other Business (AOB)


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The World Sleddog Association is grateful for the excellent cooperation with Happy Dog and Uli Maczuck. Thanks to this collaboration, a lot of equipment for the WSA could be purchased.

But also the Musher was thought. Thanks to the sponsorship of Happy Dog, two beautiful start numbers could be created for the EM Dryland in Lauf as well as for the EM Snow in Inzell, which like the WSA events were able to take the musher home with them.

Thanks Uli,
Thank you HAPPY DOG

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