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at the World Sleddog Association - WSA. Below you can find information about current World or European Championship and the membership of the WSA. Recent articles and information can be found in the News.
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WSA Events 2017
WC Dryland 2017 - Falze di Piave/Italien

Falze di Piave 2017
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WSA - World Championship Dryland in Falze di Piave, Italien!

Falzè di Piave - sernaglia della battaglia (tv)
Via Grave, 4, 31020 Falzé di Piave TV


WSA Events 2018
WC Longdistance 2018 - Särna/Schweden

"WSA - World Championship Long distance in Särna, Sweden!"

For the second time, the SPHK is hosting the World Championship Long Distance after 2017.
We look forward to seeing all the musher and their teams from all over Europe!

Webside WC2018:

WC Snow Sprint & MD 2018 - Sveg / Sweden


WSA - World Championship SPRINT + MD in Sveg, Sweden!

The City of Sveg is pleased to hold WSA WC for the first Time.
Together the city of Sveg, Destination Sveg and our sponsors we are organizing this Great Championship.
We look forward to seeing mushers and their Teams from all over Europe!

Webside 2018:


20 years WSA by Bernd Keusemann - a flashback

20 years of WSA

The beginning.

Once upon a time


It was in early 1995 when Jürgen Falkenberg, at that time President auf the German AGSD organization, and I drove home from an unpleasant meeting at the FISTC General Assembly in Salzburg.

We discussed back and forth what could be done to keep the sled dog sport growing in the future. It was about here in Scharnitz, maybe 500 meters up or down the valley, when I said to Jürgen the well-known words of the great American Martin Luther King:


I told Jürgen that I had the idea to set up a new global sled dog organization.

I already had a name:


Jürgen responded that this would be very difficult, that it would require a lot of time and hard work and that more than likely it couldn’t be achieved.

My answer to that was:


Now we know were the American President Barack Obama got his famous words from.

By the time I got home that evening, the WSA was completely established in my head. The following days and weeks I set up and registered the WSA, wrote the statutes and the first set of race rules. I contacted potential members and assembled the first board.

Now 20 years later we are back in Scharnitz to celebrate the WSA’s 20th anniversary. The WSA is still alive and bigger and better than ever before and today we are able to welcome our latest members from Norway and Estonia.

But keep in mind that the WSA is not the Board with its Chairman Arno Steichler or myself in the past, the WSA is you, the members and mushers. You have to keep the WSA going for the years to come.

I would like to thank you all for everything you’ve made possible in the past 20 years.

Thank you, Danke, Merci, Gracie, Gracias, Dziękujemy


Good mushing WSA

Bernd Keusemann


Obtaining Membership and Status of Affiliation

Application for membership is to be submitted to the chairman of the WSA in form of a participation declaration.

It is essential for federations and organisations who want to obtain membership of the WSA to pursue identical objectives in the direction of aforementioned § 2 to 4. The General Assembly (GA) decides by a vote of majority the admission into the Association. The criteria regarding the vote for individual membership are listed in § 7.6.