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Dear Members,

as everybody knows time is running fast and soon our Dryland championships in Italy will start.

Falze di Piave 2017Hereby we send you all important infos about our dryland championships.

Click here to open the DRYLAND WM EVENT WEBISTE
Click here to find the event location on GOOGLE MAPS
Click here to get to RaceData website and REGISTER FOR CHAMPIONSHIP


As everybody knows we work with wishing contingents for championships to be more flexible. We would kindly ask all our members to send us their approximate estimation which quotas are needed for dryland championship until next week - This information is only to get a feeling how many places who need and can be changed until we will ask you for your final wish contingent. The starting contingent in total is limited to 250 starters.

Please send me as soon as possible your answer.

Yours faithfully,
Manuela Petutschnig-Gruber
WSA Secretary

Dryland WM Announcement

Payments only by WSA Members!

Starting fee: 100,00 Euro for Start incl. musher's dinner. Double start 50 Euro more.

Entry fee: A entry fee of 15,00 Euro is for starting place - payment only from Nation Clubs.
This will be credited to the starting fee. In case of cancellationthe entry fee remains with the promoters.
Payment of the entry fee not lather than 10/10/2017.

Deadline 1: 05/11/2017 (date of bank transfert)

Payment of starting fee: 09/11/2017 up to the account of WSA (Transfer only by WSA Member!)

Late registration: From 06/11/2017 Late entry fee 20,00 Euro per start.

Deadline 2: 12/11/2017 (date of bank transfert)
After that no more registration possible - categories barter only down at the first team leader meeting in Falzé di Piave.

Payment starting fee for late registration: Ready for late registration and no later than 12/11/2017 to the account of WSA.

Registration: After Entry fee to WSA email. Musher and Category.

Issue race numbers: Start Numbers can be collected at the restauration point on Friday from 7 p.m.

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